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A sermon in Bengali language delivered by Mufti Kazi Ibrahim, a Muslim preacher.

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This eighteen-minute video shows a sermon in Bengali language delivered by Mufti Kazi Ibrahim, a Muslim preacher. The video can be found on Islamer tane Youtube channel. The preacher narrates the story of the dream of Mamun Maruf, a Bangladeshi resident in Italy who had a long interview with the Corona virus during his dreams. The preacher says that some dreams can be true while some are false, but this dream must be true because it says the same things that were already revealed by Prophet Mohammed in the Hadith. The virus allegedly revealed in the dream that it came on Earth to do justice following the torture inflicted upon Uighur men and women. Allah heard the cries of Uighur women raped by Chinese soldiers, and ordered the virus to give a punishment for the injustice. The corona virus told him that it will put in the grave one seventh of the world population. Mamun asked why of all the places where Muslims are oppressed, including India, Kashmir, Syria, Palestine and Myanmar, did it come to China.

The virus replied that it is because nobody but Allah knows of the actual torture of Muslims in China, as these are unknown to the public, and only Allah hears their cries and screams. Chinese Muslims have a direct connection with Allah because they have nobody else who can hear and respond to their suffering. The virus told in the dream that Corona is Allah’s soldier, Allah’s army. Its plan is to attack Latin America and then to attack Iran. Iran is in a terrible health crisis. The interviewer asks why would the virus attack a Muslim country. The virus reveals that Iran is not a genuine Muslim country, because they have corrupted Islam, which is why the virus has attacked that country.

The interview lasted for about three hours. Mamun asked in his dream “what about Bangladesh?” The virus replied that it does not plan to attack Bangladesh, because there is no other country on the planet where Allah, the Prophet and the Quran are discussed so thoroughly. But it won’t spare any other countries where Islam is insulted. The suggestion is given to keep all the Bangladeshis residing abroad strictly outside of Bangladesh, and to not let them enter even if they might have to die outside of their homeland. The preacher says that this is a time of great danger for the whole planet. This is a time when all injustice and immorality has to stop, then only we will be forgiven. The virus will take to the grave all those perpetrating injustice and immorality. The virus also said that this is only the -19 version (Covid-19) but the following versions will be even more lethal. Mamun asked the virus why is that good Muslims too had to be killed in the process, with the spread of the pandemic. The virus revealed that those who perform their prayers and ablutions are surrounded by a divine light; seeing that light the virus will spare them. In the final part of the video, the preacher says that now it is time to beg for forgiveness for all the crimes we have committed, and pray to Allah for protection, cry and beg for protection. Those who do not respect Allah and the Quran, those who do not like to wear burqa, the women who do not like purdah (rules of modesty and sexual segregation), those into songs and music, they are those in danger during this pandemic. They have to seek redemption and forgiveness.

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