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This YouTube video produced by a group called Allah Is the Most Merciful (2019) presents the trials of various prophets in Islam as a reminder that Allah tests those whom he loves the most.

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This audio-video sample is an infographic animation with music and text. The contents of the short video consists of comparative reminders of experiences of prophets of Islam, which are designed to help people relate to their own life experiences. This video is produced by a group called Allah is the Most Merciful.

Allah test those whom He loves the most!
When you are hurt by people who share the same blood as you, …
Just remember Prophet Yusuf (pbuh), who was betrayed by his own brothers.
If you find your parents opposing you….
Remember Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh), whose father led him to the fire.
If you’re stuck with a problem where there’s no way out….
Remember Prophet Yunus (pbuh) stuck in the belly of a whale.
When someone slanders you….
Remember Aisha (ra) who was slandered throughout the city.
If you’re ill your body cries with pain….
Remember Prophet Ayyub (pbuh) who was more ill than you.
When you can’t see the logic around you ….
Think of Prophet Nuh (pbuh) who built an Ark without questioning.
If you are mocked by your own relatives, family, friends and the world at large….
Then remember our last and final Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).
The Prophet said: “The greatest reward comes from the greatest trial. When Allah loves people, He tests them, ….
…. And whoever accepts it gains the pleasure of Allah and whoever complains earns His wrath. (Ref: al-Tirmidhi, 2396;and ibn Maajah, 4031; Classed saheeh by Shaykh al-Albaani.)
O Allah, help us to remember You, to be grateful to You, and to worship You in an excellent manner!

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