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Abu Bakr Zoud (2019) gives tips for reading the Qur’an.

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In this video an imam gives an energetic and spirited preach describing the need to exercise patience when reading the koran. He explains that patience is needed at every step and that one should not give up the recitation of the koran. To give up the reading and recitation of the koran is to give into the devil. He argues that the way to deepen one's experience of Allah's mercy is through reading the koran.


You need to have Sabr (Patience) when you read the Quran, every deed that you do requires Sabr, you Prayer requires Sabr, your fasting requires Sabr, you Tasbeeh requires Sabr, every deed that you do requires Sabr, and the Quran is no different, when you read the Quran it requires Sabr as well.

And don’t expect that an effect will happen overnight, if Allah wills that it happens, but what is expected from you is that you continue in you recitation of the Quran and you don’t give you, even if you’ve set an expectation for yourself that I expect to finish a Juz (20 pages) every night and by now it’s night five and I haven’t even got to that expectation, let me just close off and we’ll see it next Ramadan, don’t do that, this is the plan of the Devil exactly. This is why before you read the Quran you say ……. (said in Arabic) and when you say that, you are asking Allah to protect you from the Devil, the outcast. Be Concise when you say “I seek protection with Allah from the Devil, the outcast” be concise of the fact that it is the Devil, the outcast that is standing between you and the relationship with the Quran. It’s the Devil, the outcast, that stands between you and opening this Quran and starting to read and continue to read, it’s the Devil that stands between you and this Quran.

So, when you say “I seek protection with Allah from the Devil, the outcast'' feel it in your heart, and take some time to read (This phrase: Aaouthou billahi min Ashaytaan Arajeem, because if Allah was to accept this Dua from you. Yes, Aaouthou billahi min Ashaytaan Arajeem is a Dua, you are asking Allah to protect you from the Devil, if Allah was to accept this Dua from you, you’ll find yourself on a highway with the Quran, you’ll find yourself going forward with the Quran, and then before you begin to read you say, Bismillahi Ar Rahmaani Ar Raheem, in the name of Allah the most merciful, the all merciful when you read this name Ar Rahmaan, Ar Raheem, when you read this name of Allah, realise and understand, this is where you are going to find the mercy of Allah. This is where you are going to find the mercy of Allah, and this is the garden of his mercy and the garden of his blessing, this is where the kindness and the compassion and the gentleness and the mercy is found, within this book and then you begin to read.

And one very important tip that you’re suppose to do, as you read this Quran, and begin to draw nearer and nearer to this Quran, convert every aayah into a Dua, convert the aayaat you read into a Dua, so when you begin and you say “Alhamdulilahi Rabi Al Aalameen” Ar Rahmaani Ar Raheem and you realise and you understand that Ar Rahmaani Ar Raheem are two names of Allah, stop there. And raise your hand and ask Allah to bestow His mercy upon you, and when you read “Maliki Yawmi Ad Deen”, the king and owner and the Master of Day of Judgement. Stop and say O Allah, make that day easy upon me and my family and the Muslim, (When you read) “Eyaaka Naaboud” You alone we worship stop and say…. (said in Arabic). O Allah help me and aid me and support me to continue in your worship and every aayah like this, stop and make a Dua and don’t use the excuse that what about if I don’t know what I read. 100% you already know and you have come across words like, AnNaar (the fire), AlJaheem (the hell-fire), AlJannah (the Paradise), Magfirah (forgiveness), Athaab (Punishment), Sayiaat (Sins), when you come by these words which you know there mean, stop and ask Allah for the Paradise and ask Him for his mercy, ask Him for his forgiveness, ask ask, Allah when you read, this is how you begin to draw this relationship between you and the Quran, why? Because when you read the Quran this is Allah speaking to you and when you make Dua this is you speaking to Allah and when someone speaks to someone else, he expects a response from him, this will enhance your relationship with the Quran and it will take it to another level and it will keep dragging you and bringing you closer and closer to Allah.

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