Fundamental Written Chinese

Second Edition

by Robert SandersMargaret LeeJiayan Lin

Like its predecessor, the second edition of Fundamental Written Chinese provides students with a clear, systematic, and graduated introduction to written Mandarin Chinese with chapters designed not only to teach the content of the lessons, but also build on the proficiency the student has acquired. The authors continue the tradition of separating the teaching of written and oral skills, leaving the instruction of vocabulary and grammar exclusively to the accompanying Fundamental Spoken Chinese, also in its second edition. The lessons in the two textbooks, however, are keyed to each other, so they may be used simultaneously or the parallel written skills introduced at a later time. Both textbooks were developed for learning in the classroom and for independent study.

Fundamental Written Chinese begins by educating readers on the crucial knowledge of the Chinese writing system so they are well-equipped for the practical application of Chinese characters. Following chapters include a list of vocabulary items, exercises, multiple charts explaining the characters’ usage, mnemonics and memory suggestions, supplementary texts, and space for writing practice. This textbook teaches comprehension of written Chinese by methodically focussing on structural regularities such as radicals, phonetic components, and stroke order. The lessons are organized so students begin with simple independent characters before moving to the more complex compound characters.


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    University of Hawai‘i Press
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